My Sewing Phobia

Learning to sew has been on my wish list for a long time. See, I can just picture myself sitting at the sewing machine, whipping out curtains, cute dresses, and clothes for the baby.

But the poor sewing machine I bought – last fall! – still sits in its box, hiding in the closet.

The beginner class I signed up for got canceled. Then I bought the above book with all kinds of good intentions about tackling one new project each week. That was about 2 months ago.

What is my problem? What is it about this little machine that scares me so much? My mental block certainly feels irrational. So I’ve decided to do take a deep breath and do what does not come easily to me.

Ask for help.

I’ve offered to cook brunch/lunch/dinner – anything! – for a friend. The only caveat is that she must come over and help me get the darn thing out of the box! I can’t seem to face it by myself.

You have no idea how ecstatic I would be to make a napkin. And that is, in fact, going to be my first project. No one will ever be allowed to use it.

Do you sew? Any advice for a newbie?


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  1. says

    HA! I bought a sewing machine last fall too and while I did take it out of the box, I haven’t used it yet. I don’t have a sewing phobia so much as a severe lack of time. And I hate it because I have all these wonderful project ideas, I just need to learn how to use my sewing machine so I can do them! Well, keep us updated on your progress–maybe if you manage to learn, it will motivate me! :)

  2. says

    lol I too have been avoiding my sewing machine which I asked for and received on Christmas. I finally got off my butt and registered for my sewing lesson. Can’t wait to get started!

  3. Amy says

    Nothing w sleeve or legs to start….make a pillow cover, a skirt….make one for your daughter, smaller clothes are easier to work around. Look for patterns for a “pillow case” dress, so cute for little girls, inexpensive, so if you cut a little too much off, no biggie….you really can’t mess up at sewing, it is the cutting…measure twice, cut once :) I’m sure you’ve employed this method crafting. There is a great blog for sewing , she has 6 kids, 5 girls and makes lots of little girl things….she is a pro, but always has connections for other sites too….good luck, wish I lived closer, I’d help you get started.

  4. says

    I am just like you. My machine is out of the box, but sitting next to the kitchen table collecting dust. My mom gave me a quick quilt tutorial when I was at there house. I wonder if I will ever get to it?

  5. says

    Don’t be afraid to mess up. I was so scared about not being able to do it right, that I just didn’t even try. In the beginning, your lines will probably be all over the place & things won’t look as great, but you will get better. I look at my first pieces & am so happy that I did them, even if they aren’t very pretty. I am so excited for you! Keep my updated!

  6. says

    Just get the thing out of the box and start sewing! You’re so creative, I really think you’ll learn to sew in no time! I think my main advice would be: start with simple things, but do choose fabrics you like (cheap, but nice ones ;-)). And start with projects you really like and want to sew. A simple skirt or some pants really do not have to be that difficult. There are lots of websites with patterns, ideas, tutorials and YouTube indeed offers so many great video-tutorials. (Tip: offers several great and simple patterns and ideas for free).
    Didn’t the dealer where you bought your machine offer you an explanation lesson to show you how the thing works, just to get started?

  7. Becky says

    Lots of good advise, it’s not nearly as hard as you imagine. I even taught my sons the basics so they can hem pants and basic mending. I love having my son come over to borrow my machine, most recently he cut off his military khakis to make shorts and brought his son so he could see that dad could do it!

  8. says

    Sewing has been on my list of things to learn as well! I see so many great things out there I would love to make that require sewing. I considered buying myself a machine at the beginning of the year but I was afraid of the same thing that it would just sit there.

  9. says

    Just start. There is always a small learning curve on all things. Your desire is the most important thing. Each step will take you closer to accomplishing a larger project later on. A builder doesn’t start with the wallpaper or trim, but builds from the most mundane up. Getting those ‘foundation’ pieces right will ensure that you will later have success. When the directions tell you to sew a certain depth and for such and such length. Do it. When it says to trim and clip, do it. There are reasons this is necessary. I’ve seen some who want to take the ‘short-cut’ to the end and the project doesn’t turn out and they are discouraged. After a while, you will understand why you do a step and it will flow. It is just like driving a car, you will sew with confidence after you practice.

  10. says

    Just try it! The hardest part is getting it threaded! Make a simple pillow. All you have to do is pin two squares together and sew a few straight lines. There are videos galore on YouTube showing you how to do it. I promise you will like it! Get that baby out of the box!

    Take care,


  11. Diane Sharp says

    As I explained to my 6 year old granddaughter when teaching her to sew, this is a just a box of metal and plastic that we are going to create things with. My advice is do not start with a napkin. The narrow hem is not for beginners. Start with an apron or skirt-big pieces and straight seams. There are lots of great beginner patterns out there. Then adventure to other things. Good luck. It has been my stress reliever for over 50 years

  12. April says

    i understand how you feel- i so want to learn to sew, but that machine, i swear it mocks me!! “you’ll never figure me out!” it says, “you’ll just stitch your finger to a shirt you try to alter!” one day, maybe i’ll show it who’s boss…. ;p

  13. says

    Well Stephanie, if you offer to throw in a flight from Australia to US, return, I’ll be there with bells on! LOL Just time it a bit closer to the birth so I can have heaps of cuddles.

    Anne xx

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