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maternity fashion tips Well, hello, 34 weeks. I said on Twitter last week that I felt like I’d swallowed a watermelon so maybe green isn’t the best color choice? Certain clothes (like this dress) make the belly look even bigger! I get lots of ‘Oh, you must be due any day!’ which is definitely on the list of what not to say to a pregnant lady.

This will probably be the last belly appearance (it’s kind of embarrassing) so I’m taking the opportunity to share a few maternity fashion tips I’ve learned over the course of three pregnancies.

1. Go for quality versus quantity.

I make this mistake every time. When you’re staring at the 5 shirts you’ve worn over and over for the past 34 weeks, you’re going to choose what feels good. Soft, natural fabrics grow better with the belly and wouldn’t you know they hold up so much longer. My impulse Target and Old Navy purchases tend to get holes after two washes and shrink way too much.

Gap Maternity has been great for jeans and t-shirts. My best discovery this time around was Isabella Oliver for beautiful dresses and work wear. And I just learned about the HATCH Collection. Wow, I’ll take one of everything, thanks.

2. Work your pre-pregnancy closet – to a point.

Yes, you can usually get away with wearing your pre-pregnancy pants for most of the first trimester if you use a Belly Band or something like it. But just like there’s no gold medal for delivering naturally, there is no point in putting off the maternity plunge. I had to drag my sister to the maternity store only for her to marvel at the comfort and joy of an elastic waist.

And please don’t wear yoga pants for 40 weeks or non-maternity tops that let your belly hang out. Shudder.

3. Find a silhouette that works for you and rock it all the time.

A stylish friend who was pregnant over the winter wore leggings, tunics and boots pretty much every day. And guess what, she always looked amazing. You may be one of the lucky tall, thin girls who looks awesome in skinny jeans. I’m not so I stick with boyfriend jeans with a bright top and comfy flats. Now that the weather is warmer I highly recommend maxi dresses.

6 maternity fashion tips

4. Don’t buy your entire wardrobe all at once.

Trust me, you will get bored and feel compelled to buy more. Trying on maternity clothes will at some point feel much like the horror of buying a swimsuit but I still recommend staggering purchases throughout the pregnancy so you can enjoy new things without going overboard. Plus, what fits at 20 weeks may not feel so good at 35 weeks.

5. Have fun with accessories.

Pregnancy is the perfect time to use accessories to embrace trends. I tend to wear more jewelry and make-up to change up my looks. Rock colorful scarves, stack up an arm party, find animal print flats – this will help with wardrobe fatigue.

Going back to tip #2, mine your pre-pregger closet for things you can wear throughout:

  • Accessories
  • Cardigans
  • Belts (you might have to rig them a bit)
  • Shoes

6. Don’t neglect your undergarments.

The pregnancy boob phenomenon is no lie. So get resized or buy a bra expander. And if you’re clueless like I was, don’t go nuts and buy 5 new bras in your first trimester, especially if you plan to breastfeed. You can also find maternity underwear that fits really comfortably below the belly.

What have you learned about pregnancy style? What tips do you have?


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  1. says

    how about the post prego boob phenomenon heehee
    you look beautiful- it’s uh.mazing the body and ability God gives us to
    grow a life!

  2. says

    I have two Isabella Oliver dresses and I loooooooove them! I’m only three weeks behind me and trust me…la bump is large and in charge! Ha!

  3. says

    Oh how I would love to own something from Hatch – they’re stuff is just beautiful! And I agree about the bra refitting! I went up 2 cup sizes already and I’m barely hitting 20 weeks!

  4. says

    You’re getting so close to the end!! These are good tips! I think I would probably not want to take the maternity clothes plunge either, but sometimes comfort over fashion is just the way to go!

  5. says

    Oh my gosh, you look great–don’t be embarrassed! I’m not pregnant and I have the same issue with Old Navy t-shirts. You’d think I’d learn my lesson by now.

  6. says

    Oh my goodness you are SO sweet for your comments! 34 weeks! I remember being at that point. I knew in my head that little Gabriel needed 6 more weeks to ‘cook’ but at the same time I thought, “Why aren’t you here already?!!” :) These are great tips by tips by the way! I was SO lazy about getting dressed if I was staying at home. I’m so glad the neighbors or friends didn’t stop by because it was horrifying what I wore.


  7. says

    You look fabulous!!!
    When I was pregnant, I would get, “Are you having Twins?” and when I would say NO, it was, “Are you sure?!” UGH!
    I wish I would’ve had this maternity clothes tips when I was pregnant. I just bought a bunch of stuff at Target & Old Navy and it was okay, but after awhile it was not in good condition.
    I never felt stylish when I was pregnant, but I want to use some of your tips for the next one!

  8. says

    I think you look beautiful in green! Love all of these tips. Have to agree the cheap stuff doesn’t last, which is ok for certain things . I love Isabella Oliver and Gap. I haven’t tried Hatch yet but have heard such amazing things.

  9. melissa says

    I realize that I said something to the effect of “you look due any day” when I saw you last in the green dress. Sorry!!!!!!!! You think I would know better.

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