HOW TO: Make A Natural Air Freshener With Essential Oils

Make a Natural Air Freshener with Essential Oil | My kids are obsessed with those plug-in room deodorizers and candles. But I can’t stand the smell of most of them – they’re too strong and fake. But what I do love is the smell of essential oils. It’s easy as can be to make your own essential oil room sprays with three simple ingredients – water, alcohol, and essential oils.

You can spritz it anywhere that needs a bit of freshening – bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, closets, anywhere! You can make the scent as strong or light as you want by altering the amount of essential oil. I’m partial to orange and jasmine because it reminds me of Hawaii (not a bad thing!). Peppermint, lavender, lemon, bergamot, cinnamon, rose and rosemary are very nice too, but you can use just about any essential oil you combination you like. I like to spritz different blends according to my mood, time of year or day.

It’s fun to come up with your own special blends. Here are a few ideas:

Relaxing bedroom blend

Combine lavender with vanilla to shift your brain into sleeping mode.

Energizing kitchen blend

Combine sweet orange with grapefruit or lemon for a scent that keeps you alert and energized.

Focusing office blend

Try a combination of peppermint and rosemary when you need to stay focused and on task.

Deodorizing bathroom blend

Use the natural antibacterial power of cinnamon, clove and tea tree to freshen up the bathroom.

Essential oil room spray ingredients | The vodka is essential for the spray. Oil and water don’t mix, but adding a little alcohol fixes that. It disperses the oil and also helps the scent linger longer in the air. You still should shake the bottle of room spray a bit before you spritz so that the essential oil is evenly distributed in the liquid. I reuse or purchase little glass spritzer or spray bottles for the room spray. I get mine at the health food store or online.

Essential oil room spray |

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Essential Oil Room Spray
  • 1 tablespoon vodka
  • 6 tablespoons filtered water
  • 10-40 drops of essential oils (peppermint, jasmine, citrus, lavender, etc)
  1. Place the alcohol into a small spray bottle. Add the desired drops of essential oils. Shake well and add the water. Shake again and spritz whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

Do you use air fresheners? What’s your favorite scent?


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  1. Rebecca says

    I know this is an odd question but is there any alternatives to vodka – I will not allow the stuff in my house. I’ve heard about using witch hazel but I’m not too keen on that either. Any ideas?

  2. Emily says

    I was eager to try this out, so I used an old glass bottle that once held white wine vinegar. Since it had a screw-top lid, a spray nozzle fit right on it! Great alternative to buying expensive glass bottles from the manufacturers.

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