Skinny Raspberry Rhubarb Margarita

Raspberry Rhubarb Margarita |

What are the first things that come to mind when thinking about rhubarb? Yep, same here: pies, cobblers, crisps—all the heavy, hearty desserts we remember Grandma making in the summertime. But rhubarb is very versatile and, with a beautiful red color like that, shouldn't just be relegated to … Read More →

13 Creative Condiment Recipes to Make at Home

13 Condiment Recipes to Make at Home | Henry Happened

With picnic and potluck season upon us, it only stands to reason that we're looking for new opportunities to flex our culinary muscle. Since nothing jazzes up a dish faster than sauces, mustards and the like, we've rounded up a baker's dozen of creative condiment recipes to get you cooking. … Read More →

Henry Happened Is Now Hello Natural!

It’s true: We have a new name! After three years of bringing you plenty of pretty, simple crafts and DIYs (and honoring my son Henry, who is now 4 and getting old enough to be embarrassed that he has a blog named after him), we’re expanding into new, natural territory. I picked the name Henry … Read More →

HOW TO: Make Your Own Botanical Cologne

DIY Botanical Cologne |

We all like to smell good (I hope!), but commercial perfumes are loaded with scary ingredients. Plus they usually smell so strong I wind up with a raging headache. Fortunately it's super easy - and fun - to experiment with making your own botanical cologne from ingredients growing in your own … Read More →