Pink Stone DIY Necklace

pink stone DIY necklace

I’m having a thing lately with pink necklaces (like the one I wore yesterday), and I recently snapped a photo of this pink stone necklace at a local jewelry shop. The shades of pink are so gorgeous – but the $100 price tag was more than I could justify.

Then I happened to be at JoAnn’s on an unrelated jewelry mission and found some amazing stone beads. And they come in great colors – I got pink and purple and they also had blue and turquoise. And guess what, they were only $9! I swear I’ve seen almost the exact same stone beads for more than $40 at other bead stores – so get yours fast!

What you’ll need:

DIY necklace 1. One strand of stone beads in the color of your choice. Note: The above strand is how the stone beads come. They will already be attached via large jump rings.

2. 7 large jump rings. These also came from JoAnn’s.

3. Jewelry chain. I used about a foot of chain I had on hand. You can find all kinds of styles at JoAnn’s while picking up your beads.

4. Pliers. Not absolutely necessary but helpful.


pink DIY necklace

1. Open the jump rings between the stones and insert one of the new large jump rings.

2. Decide how long you want the necklace and cut your length of chain.

3. Attach the chain to the end of the stone strand with jump rings. You won’t need a closure because the necklace will fit over your head.


diy-necklace pink DIY necklace


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  1. Jody says

    Love this look! There’s still a hippie in me just itching to break out :-) will try this. Were the stones 9.00 total or per stone?

  2. sandi b says

    I love the necklace but it should not be on a clashing color display or the flower pattern dress. It totally takes away from the look. Sandi B

  3. joen says

    Love it! and i just got a coupon for JoAnn’s may have to get over there this weekend! Happy Mothers Day to me!LOL

  4. Susanna says

    That’s lovely! Add to my wish list, why am I not reaping any benefits of your crafty side? I’ll take the cast-offs even :)

  5. says

    This is gorgeous! You have inspired my to take up jewelry making. That would help my Charming Charlie budget not be so high. :) Gorgeous necklace, friend!

  6. says

    I love those stone beads Stephanie. How gorgeous! I’ve seen those necklaces too for outrageous prices as well. I wish we had a Joanne’s here. Maybe I’ll check out my local craft store.

    Anne xx

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