DIY Polka Dot Umbrella

DIY Polka Dot Umbrella - Hello Natural

DIY Umbrella with Polka Dots

I think I stood in Target for about 10 minutes, debating what umbrella to buy. The mod-looking clear vinyl one? No thanks, I like to hide my rainy-day-hair. The super ginormous really expensive one? Nah, I’m sure I’ll lose this one like every other umbrella I’ve ever had. (What is it with umbrellas and sunglasses?)

So I went with the plain ol’ black. Borrrringggg. But with a few polka dots? Bring on the rain!

DIY Polka Dot Umbrella DIY Umbrella Supplies

To jazz up your umbrella you will need:

  • Acrylic paint. I used two different colors – a silver and a light blue – but it’s hard to tell in the pictures.
  • Circle sponge brush

Dip your brush into the paint and start stamping! I alternated the two colors with each row. My (attempted) pattern was to offset each row of circles from the one below. It’s not perfect but I doubt anyone is going to stare too closely.

DIY polka dot umbrella - Henry Happened

diy polka dot umbrella

And it’s a good thing I finally have an umbrella because we woke up to a tornado warning. Yikes. Hope everyone stays safe!


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  1. Zama says

    Hi there, absolutely ADORE your site. I just want to know when it starts to rain, wont the paint be ruined, I absolutely LOVE this idea just worried about the rain.

    Zama :)

    • gerbermom says

      Yep, it hits me about this time every year that I have no idea where my umbrella is. Where do all those umbrellas, sunglasses and socks end up?

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