Pretty Shiny Sparkly Arm Party

We’re home! We survived the trip home (better than the trip there) and it feels good to be back in my computer spot. I think I started to twitch at one point I missed y’all so much! :)

Two weeks at the beach was so nice. I’ve decided that we definitely need to live near the beach and/or some body of water. I find it so calming and relaxing.

I have photos to share but first I’m showing my arm candy over at the Pretty Shiny Sparkly Arm Party. I got the challenge email while in Delaware (what would I do without my iPhone?) and snapped a few photos over vacation.

Above features this bracelet I made, a Chan Luu knock-off bought in Delaware, and my Tiffany charm bracelet from Mark. It says “mom.” So cute.

Also from Mark – my new favorite accessory. He got a new Fossil watch on vacation (there are tons of outlet stores. And no sales tax. It’s hard to resist). I decided that maybe I should wear it first. I threaded it with a couple of scarves I found at a little thrift shop. I love how big and chunky the watch face is.

Apparently I don’t own that many shorts because I’m wearing the same ones in both shots. Oops.


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    You're the most fun mom, ever. What awesome bracelets and a sweet new watch! I neeeeed to make both the Hex Nut Wrap Bracelet AND the Woven Chain Necklace.

  2. says

    I joined in the BDIB challenge for the first time this month. Having oodles of babgles it was a no brainer!
    I love idea of a watch threaded with a scarf – mind if I pinch that idea?
    Looking forward to the next challenge…

  3. says

    Hello and welcome home! Yes I would have to agree living by the beach is so relaxing…move to California :) Okay I know its not that simple. LOVE the watch and your arm party accessory party! Too funny about the shorts..but now that I think of it I only own like two pairs total so the same thing would happen to me too.

  4. says

    welcome home! so glad you had a great vacation. i agree, the ocean calms me. so does open space and mountains, though. i would have never noticed the short thing if you hadn't mentioned them!

  5. says

    Only you could put together some sparkly arm bling while on vacation Stephanie! LOL It looks fantastic. Men's watches are so much more fun sometimes. Glad you had a nice vacation. Been thinking of you. I always come home from a vacation at the beach wanting to live there. Always have. Oh to dream!

    If you wouldn't have mentioned the shorts I wouldn't have noticed! LOL Good to have you back!

    Anne xx

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