Red Lipstick Picks | 5 Days, 5 Shades

Red Lipstick Picks |

I’ve decided to celebrate one of my favorite colors this week – red. Yesterday was strawberries. Today is my new beauty secret – red lipstick.

For years I’ve relied on Chapstick and lip gloss. Then I saw how fabulous red lipstick looked on fellow moms. I’ve always feared fire engine red, sticking to safe shades, but these ladies look hot so why not?

I started where most of my beauty finds come from – Walgreens. I chatted up the beauty sales clerk, asking about popular brands and colors. These women are a font of information. Even better, whatever I don’t like I can return for a full refund.

My challenge: wear a different shade each day for a week and decide whether I could pull off this look without major embarrassment.

Red Lipstick Picks |

Day 1: Maybelline Are You Red-dy

I loved the shocking red lipstick the minute I put it on. I felt a bit like a clown, but quickly started to embrace it. It was bright. Bold. A great true red that didn’t dry out my lips. And I loved that I didn’t need to put on anything other than a swipe of mascara. When you wear red you need to keep the tube close by to keep checking and applying it. It takes 2-3 coats to get the right color.

Day 2: Revlon Fire & Ice

The color looked great immediately after applying it, but it didn’t stay that rich shade for long. Whenever I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror I had that ugly red ring on the outer edges of my lips where the color had worn away. Yuck. And I wasn’t sure the hubby was loving the challenge. He kept giving me tentative kisses, worried I would brand him before going to work.

Red Lipstick Picks |

Day 3: L’Oreal British Red

After spending the day at home with both kiddos and being on day 2 of not showering, I was not inclined to gussy up. For a trip to Target I added the warpaint with a scarf and turquoise bangles to distract from the greasy hair situation. The color looked more pink than red in the tube so I was dubious. Amazingly the red made me feel almost pulled together.

And the smell of the L’Oreal lipstick reminded me of playing dress up in my grandmother’s closet and painting lipstick on my (boy) cousin. It felt so good on the lips – very smooth, not cakey or drying like some. The color was just right.

Day 4: Revlon Flame

The shade looked quite pink in tube, which is so frustrating. I hate that you can’t see the actual lipstick before buying. I had to force myself to wear it all day and tried not to make eye contact picking up the kids from camp. Definitely my least favorite.

Day 5: Clinique Red Red Red

Since I hadn’t found my perfect shade yet, I decided to trade up. And it was so worth it. True to its name, the color was a rich red. No pink here! And it stayed on! And maybe because it was day 5 but bright, shockingly red lips almost felt normal. This would flatter just about any skin tone. A definite winner.

Conclusion: I’m a convert. Red is an easy day look for moms who don’t want to fool with lots of make-up and a super fast way to add some sexy to date night. I’ll probably keep trying other brands because finding the right shade is worth the money.

Would you wear red lipstick? Any recommendations?


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  1. Anna says

    You should try Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last Lipsticks. I love Red Velvet 910D {for $2.99, it's a steal}. It's bright and fresh, and livens up most skin tones. The color lasts a long time. Even when it fades over the day, after you eat etc, it stills leaves a nice stain on your lips. The only thing I would do is use a lipliner to prevent bleeding.

    Stoplight Red 911D which is darker and more blue-based, but equally nice.

  2. says

    I love a hot red lipstick, unfortunately, I am also a lipgloss and chapstick gal just afraid to take the leap! Love all the suggestions in colors and brands though may have to check one of them out soon and spice up my beauty regimen!

  3. says

    My grandmother always wore lipstick, and I can remember her obligingly applying some on me whenever I'd ask. However, something about the smell always gave me a headache, so I don't wear any as an adult. I admire women who do though!

  4. says

    Red is a fantastic color for you :) I am personally a major lipstick lover…it is probably my favorite make-up product. I am wearing fuchsia today! And, yes, I definitely do the red!!! Thanks so much for popping over to my blog today. I appreciate your lovely comments very much :) I have to say, though, that you have a very stylish little blog here…I don't think it would take very long for you to learn the magazine thing ;) I can't wait to read more of your blog!!!

  5. Karen says

    Sus, my darling daughter….. you look great in RED lipstick too…..should wear it more! Steph—I believe you've started something!

  6. Susanna says

    Good for you Steph–I love lipstick, but since I have this terrible nail biting habit, it wears off too quickly. Maybe I should try it more often as a reason to not bite my nails :) I love reading about your creativity and bravery :)

  7. says

    I can honestly say I've only worn lipstick 1 or 2 times in my life. I've been wanting to try the red lipstick thing as well, I've seen so many cute mom's pull it off!

  8. says

    Red is hard to get used to, but once you are used to it its almost weird to see yourself without it! Now that you conquered bright lipstick try other shades… depending on your skin color, coral, fuschia and tangerine are so amazing, especially in summer!

  9. says

    I love this challenge! One of my favorite things is comparing beauty products/makeups, so I loved hearing why you liked or didn't like each of them. And your Day 3 description had me laughing! I am a chapstick+lip gloss girl still. Lame, I know. I've been reading so many blogs about lipstick lately though, I'm tempted to try out a few shades. I don't know why my hubby would think about bright red though!

  10. says

    I have always loved the idea of red lipstick but find that it smudge and clumps on my lips and ends up not looking great pretty fast if i dont keep checking up on it… any advice?

    • henryhappened says

      I was worried about that too, but most of these were not too drying or clumpy. It helped it I put Chapstick on before or even a little lipgloss on after. I must be a lip biter because mine wore off fast too – I kept the lipstick in my pocket so I could easily reapply. Good luck!

  11. Karen says

    Steph—-you should have been wearing red lipsick all along! It looks soooo good on you! I have always wished I could wear red lipstick—(sorry, not everyone looks as good in RED as you do–and unfortunately I am one of those….). But definitely keep it up, my dear daughter—very inspirational! I will try to keep my lipstick handy!

  12. says

    I always love the idea of red lipstick, but I'm afraid to try it!! The last time I wore lipstick I looked like I was out of the middle ages. It wasn't the best look! But red lipstick is definitely very sexy!!

  13. says

    Awesome! I wish I could wear lipstick – I'd have it on alllllll the time! I haven't found one that doesn't make me break out in cold sores! Ack. tmi? sorry! ;)

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