DIY Rose + Vanilla Bath Bombs

Tonight I had an argument with my daughter (she’s 6) about homework. It was a weird experience because I was the one refusing to buckle down. Which pretty much sums up the week. Mommy would rather enjoy an afternoon snack and sing along with an episode Peg + Cat than do ‘optional’ worksheets. We are not doing homework! Hurrah!!

Rose Vanilla Bath Fizz | Henry Happened And then we’re going to make the bath fizzes my daughter has been bugging me about non-stop. For Christmas she got a beauty chemistry kit (an awesome gift for this age) but inevitably she asks to ‘do a project’ 5 minutes before bedtime. Measuring and pouring is educational, right? All you need is baking soda, citric acid and a little water. You can follow this basic recipe and then get creative with scents and shapes.

The Valentine’s season has begun so we added dried roses and a few drops of vanilla extract. Mix everything together and then form into balls or other shapes. Cookie cutters make great molds for seasonal shapes like hearts. Pack the mixture in, let it sit overnight and remove from the mold. Pop in the bath and watch the kids go nuts at the fizzing (seriously, it’s awesome free entertainment).

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  1. Joy says

    Hi! I’m new to DIY projects, so these may be silly questions, but — Do you buy dried rosebuds? If so, would it be at a craft store, a health food store or a florist? Also, are they the same as unopened roses — at which case could I get them from a neighbor? (Not at this time of year of course!) If you dry them yourself, how do you do that? Thanks very much.

    • says

      A health food store is probably your best bet for dried roses – you can buy either buds or just dried petals (they’re often sold in the herb/spice bulk section). I’ve never tried drying them myself but I bet you could if you have access to a rose bush.

  2. Nika J. says

    I ended up using an extract from Madagascar, Southern peach fo, Mangosteen fo, coconut oil and orange blossom water. I completely forgot about the rose buds. They are amazingly delightful And moisturizing. :-)

  3. Nika James says

    I am curious if I need to use vanilla extract or if it needs to be a fragrance oil. Just want to make sure before I get to making my bombs for sale. :-)

  4. shannon says

    We love Peg + Cat in this house! So cute and the songs are so catchy, especially the theme song :) I’d opt for that instead of homework too lol!

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