Plant and Garden DIY Ideas

What’s your favorite thing about summer? Spending a lazy day at the beach? Picnics on warm, sunny afternoons? For me, summer means one thing: gardening! Not only do I have a few gardens in the backyard (veggies, perennials, and herbs), but I also have succulents in planters on our patio. I’m always looking for DIY projects for the garden to pretty things up a little bit without having to spend a lot of money–here are some of my favorite plant and garden DIY ideas.

garden diy ideas
These Herbs in a Teacup are a sweet little accent for a patio or windowsill. They make great party favors too!

DIY Herb Markers
Want to make some cute DIY Garden Markers? All you need for these is some polymer clay and rubber letter stamps.

Lightbulb Vase
Making a DIY Lightbulb Vase is a wee bit involved, but isn’t the end result worth it? I love the idea of hanging it on the wall like this.

Hypertufa Pots
Last summer, I paid an insane amount of money for pots that looked just like these Hypertufa Pots. Kicking myself! If I had seen this tutorial first, I totally would have made them.

DIY Moss Toadstool Wreath
Maybe you don’t have a green thumb. That’s okay! This DIY Moss Toadstool Wreath will bring a little bit of garden whimsy indoors.

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    First of all, huge congrats! I came to check in on you and see from your Instagram that you are a new mama all over again! Hope you are feeling well.

    Second, the new blog design is incredible, I love it. You have fabulous taste.

    Third, I’m not much for DIY but I need to incorporate more green into my home. These photos are very inspiring.

    xo Feel well!

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