25 water activities for kids

25 Water Activities For Kids

I can hear it in my head: “Schools! Out! For summer!” And oh my, it has only been 2 weeks in the Gerber house, and I’m already scrambling for things to do. This is a departure from my the usual fashion/DIY posts but after searching (rather frantically) for fun activities, I thought I would share! I’m calling it Summer Survival Series. And since the sprinkler is already our toy of choice, the first of the series is focusing on WATER. Is there anything kids love more than playing and splashing in sprinklers, fountains and pools? I am so exited to try out some of the ideas (especially #18 and #25). Which ones are your favorites?

25 Water Activities for Kids

1. Here fishy, fishy – Minieco. Make fishing poles out of sticks and magnetic plastic fish for a fun game of fishing. Great for indoors or outdoors.

25 Water Activities for Kids

2. Bicycle party – Lullaby Lubbock. Improvise a small car wash, only make it for the kids’ bikes. They will surely get in there themselves!

25 Water Activities for Kids

3. Sponge bob tutorial – One Charming Party. Cut some colorful sponges to make these fun balls – they’re perfect for playing in the pool and even in the tub!

25 Water Activities for Kids

4. How to make a water wheel – Making Boys Men. Use paper plates, skewers and plastic cups to make an exciting water wheel. The water pushes the wheel round, and each cup fills in turn.

25 Water Activities for Kids

5. Splash and score – Spoonful. This is just like baseball, but with water! Use water balloons and plastic bats, and may the best thrower win!

25 Water Activities for Kids

6. DIY Slip & Slide – Inner Child Fun. You just need a hill and some drop cloth to make this slide. Leave the rest to the kids!

25 Water Activities for Kids

7. Swimming pool scrabble – Toddler Approved. Just write the letters of the alphabet on sponges, and throw them in the pool. The kids have to collect them and then spell out words.

25 Water Activities for Kids

8. Chalk and water painting – Filth Wizardry. Instead of simple chalk drawing on the sidewalk, make it more exciting with water. The colors get more vibrant and it’s very easy to clean out.

25 Water Activities for Kids

9. Bathing dolls – Mama Pea Pod. Little girls will love bathing their dolls in a baby bath, and they can use real supplies from the bathroom.

25 Water Activities for Kids

10. Water balloon pinata – Scrap Happy Heather. Fill some balloons with water and hang them up high, then let the kids enjoy some soaking as they pop them with a bat.

25 Water Activities for Kids

11. Knock ’em down – Prudent Baby. With recycled plastic bottles, water and some food coloring, you have all the supplies to make a fun knock’em down game for the kids.

25 Water Activities for Kids

12. Clothesline activity – Happy Hooligans. Let the little ones play with water by soaking some cloth, squeezing and hanging them out to dry with pretty clothespins.

25 Water Activities for Kids

13. Backyard mini Olympics – Gogo Squeez. From wheelbarrow races to water balloon fights, everything can be an Olympic game in the backyard.

25 Water Activities for Kids

14. Fantastic fun with a water pump – Growing A Jeweled Rose. A water pump by itself can become a super fun toy for summer play.

25 Water Activities for Kids

15. Toddler bubbles sensory activity – Hands On As We Grow. When have water and soap together not been fun? Never.

25 Water Activities for Kids

16. Water wall – Wid Kids.  Use a bunch of plastic jugs and buckets to make a fountain of water fun.

25 Water Activities for Kids

17. Colored water activity – Happy Hooligans. Let the kids experiment with colors and mixing them, using plastic bottles and food coloring.

25 Water Activities for Kids

18. Painting with water – Juggling with Kids. Who needs paint, when they can use water to express their creativity?

25 Water Activities for Kids

19. Color tubs – Two Daloo. Bath color tabs and plastic balls are irresistible to toddlers!

25 Water Activities for Kids

20. Added measuring tools – Hands On As We Grow. Set out bowls of water, measuring cups, teaspoons and baby bottles and let the kids transfer the water back and forth.

25 Water Activities for Kids

21. Make your own tornado – I Can Teach My Child. Learn about nature while having fun with colored water.

25 Water Activities for Kids

22. Traveling magnets – Tinker Lab. Throw paper clips into a jar full of water, and then see how the kids take them out with a magnet.

25 Water Activities for Kids

23. Desert island – Be a Fun Mom. Sand, water and some plastic recipients make the setting, while pebbles and seashells are the decorations for this imaginative activity.

25 Water Activities for Kids

24. Water balloon yo-yos – What To Do With Kids. Water balloons and rubber bands are the only things you need to make this happen.

25 Water Activities for Kids

25. Feet-y, freeze out – GoGo Squeez. The players have to remove the ice cubes from the kiddies pool using only their feet.

I love having more ideas than I know what to do with! Next up: activities for the car ride. Because you can only take “are we there yet?” so many times….

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  1. susan smoaks says

    I love to swim with my family during the summer. It is our favorite activity.

  2. Leslie S. says

    My 4 kids love to play in the sprinklers.We also like making mud to play in.Thanks!

  3. Georgia Beckman says

    My favorite summer activity with our grandchildren is going to the swimming pool………….and camping!

  4. says

    So cute! My girls would love so many of these (especially the baby washing and the mermaid desert island set up–we’re mermaid obsessed right now!).

    We just had an outdoor paint “party” where the girls made a huge mess and loved every second of it. I have a feeling that’s going to be requested a lot this summer! One more week of school here in NY…

  5. Michele P. says

    my daughter and her friends like to go on nature walks to see what they can find along the way.

  6. Mayla M says

    I think my favorite kit for summer is the Bubble Wands Kit. For indoor fun I like the Creativity Kit.

  7. Nicole Lancaster says

    My favorite summer activity is going swimming at the lake with my kids.

  8. Trish says

    We love summer and spending time at the pool. We play games in the pool all day, along with a packed lunch!!

  9. Dianne says

    I liked Artterro. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your awesome giveaway!

  10. Dianne says

    I love to garden with my children. My youngest (Age 3) loves to talk to the plants.

  11. Talia says

    My favorite summer activity is an easy sprinkler run with my son. He keeps cool, lawn gets watered. Win win!

  12. cblayloc says

    So many awesome ideas!! We love to swim, go in the sprinkler and blow bubbles but I will be adding a ton of these in to out list of “things to do”. Thanks!!

  13. Christine says

    We love going to the lake and going swimming and cooking smores over the campfire after while drying off.