The Bump

Since I am officially 24 weeks today I thought I’d share a photo of the bump.

(just in case you thought I was making this baby thing up to justify being a blogging slacker! Still trying to get back into the rhythm….)

Holy cow, being pregnant a third time is waaay different. I think I started wearing maternity clothes the minute I found out I was pregnant.¬† This time around nothing fits right, my pants won’t stay up, and I’m still convinced I’m having twins.

Did I mention that I gave away all of my old maternity clothes three days before I found out I was pregnant? Literally. No joke.


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    No…seriously? You gave away your clothes right before you found out? Well, good excuse to get some new ones! You look beautiful, sweetie! I remember complaining to my doctor with my 3rd child about the aches & pains and she was like “Oh it only get worse each one you have!”

  2. says

    I’ve been so out of the loop! This is fabulous! Congrats! You look GREAT :)

    I gave away all my maternity stuff two weeks before finding out I was pregnant with my 4th…so I know how that goes ;-)

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