The Must List | May 27, 2011

Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? Yay, it’s a holiday! You have an extra day for a few things you must check out to wear, eat or simply be inspired by.

  • Always Just a Mom: Stephanie is hanging out with her besties in a 10-year mini-reunion. Friends + wine & cheese = fun times!
  • A Bit of Sunshine: Rebekah is being intentional about date nights with her hubby with this gorgeous Italian dinner at home.
  • Taking It On: XLMIC shares this hilarious video of the Houdini-esque Miss C.
  • Delighted Momma: Lindsay gets crafty with clay and makes this amazing bracelet for only $5.
  • I Am A Greedy Girl: Is showing off the amazing Ruche summer collection.
  • Cherished Handmade Treasures: Sandy makes amazing French Macaroons. So pretty!
  • Cool Kids: Betsy shares her 5 mommy must haves for summer – including this awesome bracelet!
  • Making It Lovely: Nicole created this colorful print for her daughter’s bedroom – and you can download it for free.
  • henry happened: Stephanie turns ugly jeans into an easy DIY bell bottoms project.
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    So since I am a newbie I am just learning that here in blogger world, we give awards :) Anyway I really enjoy your blog and I am sure you've received this before but I am passing on a Versatile Blogger Award to you!! You can come to my painfully neglected but somehow "award-winning" OTHER blog at to claim it and see blogger- world imposed rules for this sort of thing :) Compliance is entirely up to you- Congrats!

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