Trendy Things: Cat Eye

hello kitty First, let me say how much Hello Kitty is loved in the Gerber household. Caroline’s new Hello Kitty lunchbox goes to school with her every day, and she insists on sleeping with the matching thermos. Then there’s the Hello Kitty nail polish that Henry loves wearing. Okay, moving on.

But mom’s take note: cat’s are having a moment. Despite my deficiency in the make-up area I’m dying to attempt dramatic cat eye liner. Better yet, cat eye sunglasses to cover my lack of make-up altogether.

cat eye fashion 1. Uber mom Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham dress

2. Gorgeous cat eye

3. The Glamourai at NYFW

4. Sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue via

5. Clever cat lipstick via Design Sponge


chases 3 small kids and edits Hello Natural

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  1. Domesblissity says

    I’ve got to say Stephanie, we never got into Hello Kitty here. That’s not to say Barbie hasn’t been given a good workout along with My Little Ponies, Dinosaur Train and Land Before Time dinosaurs! I love those cats eye glasses.

    Anne xx

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