Vanilla Clove DIY Body Oil Spray {aka Man Magnet Spray}

Vanilla Clove DIY Body Oil | Ladies, this one is perfect for Valentine’s Day! It’s hard to feel romantic when it’s freezing outside – I can’t even think about a sexy red dress when all I want to do is layer on clothes and huddle by a cozy fire. But what I can do is take care of my skin and smell great at the same time.

Winter is so hard on your skin and an oil based lotion helps beat the dry heat. I’ve been slathering myself in coconut oil but this body oil spray recipe I found in Redbook smells so amazing I’m calling it a man magnet spray! :)

Vanilla Clove DIY Body Oil Spray

Vanilla Clove DIY Body Oil | What is it about this body oil that makes it a man magnet? Well, the only dude in my life likes it. Oh, and the real experts say vanilla stirs up feelings of intimacy. And the oil makes your skin feel so smooth and silky.

Ready to make your own Man Magnet Spray? You will need:

Vanilla Clove DIY Body Oil | Combine all of the ingredients – minus the cloves – and pour into a small spray bottle. If you’re not smelling enough vanilla, go ahead and add a 1/2 teaspoon more.

The smell of cloves can easily over power everything else so I recommend adding it last – one drop at a time. Shake together and you’re done.

Vanilla Clove DIY Body Oil | Spray the body oil onto your skin and rub it in. You can use it all over – legs, arms, whatever. It makes a great perfume so, again, be careful not to overdo it with the cloves. Go get ‘em ladies!


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  1. Stephanie says

    I just made this after saving it months ago. I added a bunch of vanilla, but really can’t smell it. I was wondering if I can add vanilla essential oil to ramp up the vanilla scent? I love the clove scent!

  2. Rebecca says

    (One year later) I was wondering if you could do this with any fragrance, not just vanilla? Haha, sorry for bringing you back to this post you probably haven’t looked at lately, but I would love to know!

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