Vanity – a good thing?

For someone who has such short hair, I spend an inordinate amount of time and money at the salon. I know it’s vain, but I just feel more like myself when I’m blonde. Really blonde.

A self portrait from yesterday’s session under the heat lamps (my hair is apparently difficult to color). I like to think it all balances out since I don’t get regular manicures or massages (though I’d like to).

I’ve decided that a little vanity is a good thing. We all need motivation to put down the fork or tie on the tennis shoes so what’s wrong with wanting to look our best?

What is your favorite vanity splurge?


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    Love the photo…you look so contemplative ;)

    My biggest splurges at this time in my life are eyebrows waxed and occasional manis. But they always get messed up after 2 days, which makes me soo sad…

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    I had to laugh out loud at your pic! I’ve been there too :) I think my splurge is probably beauty things or special food ingredients. Weird but I love to cook! Happy weekend to you :) xoxo

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    I’m impressed-I just don’t have the patience! I had a 2.5 hour haircut and at the end all I could think was that my tush was asleep!

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    Oh my gosh, maybe you should try balayage instead! :)

    I always splurge on a good haircut–I definitely think it’s worth it. And pricey makeup and skincare, but I don’t feel too bad about that since it tends to last a while.

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    I have to pick my battles when it comes to spending money on myself (my husband has a hard time seeing money go out the window unless it’s really something I need). But, every few months or so, I go on a shopping splurge (when I say splurge I mean I spend under $100 :) I having something new to wear generally gives me that “pick me up” that I need every once in a while!

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    nothing wrong with spending money on your hair if it makes you happy :-) i do and my husband recognizes it and allows me to get my hair highlighted and trimmed regularly, plus us women need to feel beauty inside and out, and if the outside looks beautiful the inside feel it as well! but dang that is a lot of papers

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    I love this! You look so cute with all those foils in your hair. :) I love how you are so real! My splurge would be on good shoes & good jeans, since both of them get SO much use. :)

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    Short hair is A LOT of maintenance. I am totally with you. I used to splurge on salon color but we’ve recently cut back some and I have been braving the box, which isn’t so bad, by the way.

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    I haven’t really spent much time on my hair in the last few years (it’s fine the way it is but it would be nice to go to the salon every now and then, if only it weren’t so expensive and time consuming!) but I do like getting mani/pedi’s every now and again. Except, a) I had a HORRIBLE experience at my last one, never again will I go to cardinal nails on shelbyville, I think it’s just a front for some illegal biz anyway) and b) I’ve gotten pretty good at doing my own nails. So I guess you could say my favorite indulgence in vanity is definitely shopping because I do way too much of it.

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    I am definitely good with a little vanity! (so long as there is some substance, too!) My favorite indulgences are aplenty! Facials might be my favorite, followed by shopping & make-up :) While the act of it may not always be my favorites, the results of working out definitely make me feel better about myself! xoxoxo brynn

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    I couldn't agree more…especially for mothers…we get so little time that is actually *OURS* that we need a little pampering and "me time" every once in a while! I'm pretty sure my shoe collection is my splurge…and I LURVE IT! (c:

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    Interesting…. I guess I would say that my favorite vanity splurge is clothes. But because I wear them, I don't feel like it's that silly for me to buy them. But the thing that feels the silliest about splurging on is tanning. I'm a redhead, I'm naturally pale. But I also am part Choctaw so I can actually get a tan. I know the risks and the dangers, and I'm no where near being 'tanorexic', but I do love being tan. I feel more comfortable with that bronzed look. I like that look. In fact, I haven't tanned in like 4-5 months and even though fall is here and winter is approaching, I've been feeling lately like I should go tanning again for another month, just to get a glow to last me till the spring.

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