Whipped Green Tea + Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Whipped Green Tea + Coconut Oil Moisturizer | HelloNatural.co Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows. It gives hope to the dream that one day I’ll invent something super duper and go on to fame and fortune. That thought usually comes to me when I have my hand crammed down my jar of coconut oil, wishing I had a Spatty Daddy. (Does getting your hand stuck in a jar bode well for grand inventions? Probably not.)

Having scraped out every last bit of coconut oil, it was time to whip up a replacement. A gallon-sized Costco tub is better for hand access but not so much for a tiny bathroom. Which brings us to a perfectly good invention: green lotion. Something that’s totally awesome for your skin.

Whipped Green Tea + Coconut Oil Moisturizer | HelloNatural.co You might remember green-tea infused oil from this SPF lip balm. I love this stuff. You get the benefits of coconut oil and green tea all in one. A coconut oil moisturizer hydrates without clogging pores, and green tea can actually reverse sun damage. Whipping it makes a nice frothy texture that’s easier to apply and feels less greasy (if that bothers you). And did I mention that it’s green? No it won’t turn your skin green, but it does make me smile every time I see it.

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Whipped Coconut + Green Tea Moisturizer
  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons loose green tea
  1. Use a double boiler on medium heat to melt the coconut oil.
  2. Stir in the green tea.
  3. Cover and simmer on lowest heat setting for 1 hour.
  4. Strain tea from oil with cheesecloth.
  5. Let cool until almost solid.
  6. Then whip until creamy, 3-5 minutes.


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  1. dora says

    love everything you do! please keep posting new stuff!
    I wanted to ask how long should it usually take the coconut oil to start to set before you can whip it? i imagined it would be quite quick but its been sat here cooled for about 45 minutes now and still in liquid form… :)

  2. Jessica says

    Ladies! I love this blog! :D Its changing my life…well, lifestyle. ;)
    One question for making this marvellous sounding moisturizer…
    With what do you whip it? :)

    • Elya says

      in a pot, boil some water. Place the oil and tea leaves in a bowl that will fit over the pot with water. Think like melting chocolate.

  3. Elena says

    I discovered this blog just yesterday and already I’m in love. Here in Italy we know is you still use just natural products, unfortunately .. Anyway, I am Italian and unfortunately I’m not good in English but I am committed. in particular, this would moisturizer as you use it? Thanks

  4. Kaleigh MacKay says

    Question – when you whip it – does it stay whipped? I’m asking because I want to make some for my mom but would have to mail it to her….. So would it stay how it looks once whipped? Or would it melt and lose consistency?

  5. says

    I can’t wait to try this. What about infusing with other herbs? I’m interested in the healing properties of thyme, lavender, lemonbalm… Any adjustments in the process?

    • says

      That’s a great idea Susan! You can definitely add other herbs to the infusion – just make sure none would be irritating to the skin. Thyme might be good for the body but I’m not sure I would put that one on my face.

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