DIY Nail Polish Marbled Eggs

nail polish marbled eggs My new favorite thing is nail polish marbling. Have you tried it? The other day I decided to dip a few eggs like I did these glasses – and then proceeded to work my way through two dozen eggs. It makes me seriously wish I had more colors of nail polish!

how to marble easter eggs with nail polish And then I had to take roughly a million pictures. Because aren’t they just the coolest?

Easter Egg Nail Polish To marble some eggs with nail polish here’s what you need:

  • Eggs. A lot of them. Because once you start you’ll want keep dipping.
  • Nail polish in all kinds of fun shades. My Essie polishes worked fine this time, I think because I wasn’t trying to make a specific design. And silver polish was amazing!
  • A plastic cup or bowl filled with room temperature water. This is very important! If the water is too cold or too hot, the polish won’t work. (In round 2 of nail polish marbling, I learned that using a larger bowl makes dipping much easier!)
  • Toothpicks.
  • Nail polish remover. You’ll need this to get the polish off your fingers when you’re done.

How to water marble Easter Eggs Drop lots of nail polish into the water. If it sinks, the temperature isn’t right. You want it to spread out over the top of the water. Have fun playing with colors! Then take a toothpick and swirl the colors a bit.

DIY Water Marbled Easter Eggs Hold your egg between your fingers so that you cover the least amount of surface area on the egg. Then dunk straight down into the water, hold for a second underwater and then bring it up.

If you use a larger container, then you can roll the egg around under the water and bring it up on the blank side so that you can cover all of the egg with polish. Sit the egg in a carton or something and let it dry.

Yes, your fingers will get a bit messy. I tried dunking with skewers or spoons and nothing worked as well as my hands.

DIY Marbled Eggs with Nail Polish Have you decorated any eggs for Easter yet? I dyed some with the kids last weekend and it was really hard to share.

Love black and white? Check out these minimally marbled eggs with polish.


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  1. micaela says

    it works better if you get the egg yolk and whites out first so it doesn’t go of so quickly and lasts for ever

  2. Sally says

    BEWARE! Tried this. Eggs turned out ok, but after storing in frig, the smell contaminated everything! Still trying to get smell and taste of polish out of foods. Had to toss perfectly good fruits, veggies and meat. Even wrapped food tastes like chemical after weeks. May be pretty but definitely not safe or practical from a chemical perspective.

  3. Michelle says

    it says this covers abput half the egg do you just turn it round and redip to do the other side or can you only do one side? sorry if this is a daft question

  4. mia says

    You can blow the eggs and decorate the shells. With care they last forever and some even make nice christmas tree ornaments. After dipping, spray with a sealant glaze.

  5. jenny smith says

    Thought it might work well with pollystarine (?spelling) eggs. Stick a cocktail stick in one end then dip in solution. Take out then use other end of stick to stand it in flower foam to dry. These would look nice in a bowl and could be brought out each year. Or pin a ribbon in to hang on twigs.

  6. Vicki says

    If you can no longer find the wire tool that was used for egg dyeing, why not try to bend a wire coat hanger into the desired shape? I think this would give your finished eggs a more “polished” (sorry, couldn’t resist) look. ;)

  7. says

    An important question: can we eat that eggs or the decoration is just for pleasure??? Very beautiful, I’d love to do it, but someone tells that we can not it them

  8. Jo says

    I think if you colored the eggs first with the normal egg coloring it then did the nail polish dip you would have the whole egg colored.

  9. says

    My nieces are gonna love this one! This will be the first Easter I get to spend with them, and there’s nothing they love more than painting their fingernails right now. They’re gonna love it! I’m not sure if they can eat these eggs afterwards .. .so we’ll probably do a few just for fun. Thanks!

  10. Sue says

    haha! these are great! We have an annual Easter egg bashing fight at work…these would be stronger than the plain old dyed eggs! Might actually win the fight!

  11. says

    Hi, these look fabulous so I tried them yesterday. I have a couple of concerns and mine did not turn out even half way so nice as the ones on the photos. Firstly, the smell is unbearable. I didn’t realise how bad it was until my daughter called out from the bathroom two rooms away asking what I am up to and I only did two eggs by then. I took them out to the balcony right away and had to keep the windows open for an hour in the flat – being nearly 0 Celsius outside. Well, it is just my story :)
    Today I thought I take them in and see, but it is not because of their looks that I will not have them inside but again their smell. They stink big time! So for me this project is a no-no…. I am so sad :(
    I worked with hollow eggs btw and they work fine if you can stick them onto something, easier to dry them anyway.

    • gerbermom says

      Mine look crappy just out of the water too! (see the pic above) How do they look after they have a chance to dry?

    • Sam says

      Messy project. Keep area well ventilated because of he fumes. It’s difficult to cover all sides of the egg. Worked well on plastic eggs, strung on fishing line (allowed for smudge free drying and dipping) and coverage of the egg.

  12. ctb says

    Those are so pretty!
    & why not use a wire dipper like the 1s that come w/ egg dyeing kits? I’m old enough to remember when you could buy egg marbling kits that used lacquer paints similar to nail polish. We placed the dipped eggs on waxed paper to dry.

    We ate the eggs too – not sure if that did us any good, tho…..

  13. says

    Great idea, my daughter does her nails like this all the time. Why not try it on plastic eggs too? Put a string through the end first, dip and hang it to dry. ********* You certainly wouldnt want to eat the egg after doing this.

  14. Jessica says

    First, please don’t get me wrong, these eggs are very lovely. But I think it’s definitely important to note that nail polish usually contains several seriously dangerous toxins, and egg shells are porous, so you really wouldn’t want to eat them after they’ve been dipped in nail polish.

    • Concerned says

      I was thinking the same thing. So, maybe doing this on plastic eggs – although I think there are easier, less smelly, and cleaner methods. :)

  15. Jami Carter says

    Oh man, or taping off the tip of little girls Easter shoes an marbleizing the the tips of the shoes! I hope that made sense. Then you could paint polka dots or little eggs over the rest of the shoes. My mind is spinning! Thank you so much for this inspiration.

  16. Jami Carter says

    They are gorgeous! Think about using big jewelry beads ands stringing them up into festive spring jewelry!

  17. JoAnne says

    If you use blown eggs, with a long craft needle, you could thread a knotted piece of thread or fishing line through both ends and dip it. That would prevent getting polish on your hands AND you could hang them to dry

    • Tinkerbell says

      Sounds good but I’m not sure a hollow egg would sink in the water? Did you try it yet? Maybe you could roll it around on the top?
      Also, we use paint and a cheap tin (pie tin, roasting tin etc. from Dollar Tree) same thing and no messy fingers – just put a piece of poster board in the bottom and squirt lines of paint on it then put in the egg (one at a time) and roll it around until it’s covered the way you want it – you will also get a pretty cool looking piece of poster board to use some other crafty way!! Happy Crafting!!

    • Jeannette says

      I personally wouldn’t eat hard boiled eggs that have been colored with anything other than a food grade dye.

  18. says

    That looks beautiful!!!! I’ve seen that on Pinterest for doing your fingernails, but never thought about it on eggs before! Gorgeous!!

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